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Customer Testimonials
FLOMO's website is great, very fast, transparent (If there is an item out of stock there is a note next to the item with ETA- Estimated Time of Arrival) My orders are 98% shipped from all the items that are ordered from the website. Item photo's are great and large size.
Owner of a Discount Store Chain in Washington  
FLOMO has a nice selection and they've proven to be reliable for us. Customer service and their sales team are all good. The showroom is nice.
Customer from Idaho  
FLOMO stationery and gift bags sell better than any other brand in the market. The products and the packaging is wonderful. The price is great and for us FLOMO sells like hot cakes. The salespeople are wonderful. They know everyone by their first names and give priority to everyone with excellent customer service.

I never have complaints or problems. FLOMO is so wonderful to us. The one comment I hear by friends that try FLOMO is that FLOMO has a good service and professionalism that can’t be compared. Consumers recognize the brand and the logo, FLOMO.
Owner of a Depot Store
Tri-State area  
We like to use FLOMO because we deal with a really good salesperson, Marsha, and the products are very good quality. We are very satisfied with the products. We would definitely recommend your company to other stores. Now that we've been to the showroom, you have even more of a variety than we thought.
Discount Store Owner
Marisol, Just wanted to drop a note to thank you for the outstanding service I continuously receive from FLOMO. I deal with 32 vendors on a regular basis and FLOMO is, by far, one of our favorites. Everything is delivered in a short time period, orders are processed thoroughly and completely, and all merchandise is always received in wonderful condition. Not to mention, your items are always top sellers in our stores. The best thing that a store owner could do is to add FLOMO to their list of suppliers. FLOMO is truly a pleasure to work with.
S. Wyatt
FLOMO has such a broad line of products with extremely good quality and they are always developing new products. I would say that anyone who is not using FLOMO is making a tremendous mistake. Delivery time is outstanding. As soon as they get the orders, they come right away. They are probably the best with time management in their shipments. No one ships as fast as FLOMO. The packaging is good and the quality is great. FLOMO dominates the industry in their categories and price points. The other day we had a lady who thought that FLOMO was our private label. You can tell by the amount of orders and reorders, they know FLOMO here. FLOMO just keeps getting bigger and better that no one even comes close.
R. Duffin